We invite you to help continue what was started 900 years ago and support these sons of St Norbert on their journey to the priesthood by joining the Abbot's Circle.

Your membership will sustain the many life-giving ministries our priests undertake in service of the Church. And your gift will give glory to Almighty God and honor to Our Holy Father Saint Norbert in this, his great Jubilee Year.
Therefore, to celebrate the 900th anniversary of the Order’s founding, on May 4, 2021, the Norbertines of St. Michael’s Abbey dedicated their new abbey church.

Young men of faith continue to dedicate themselves to the communal life of service to God and His Church. As in 1121, the world today is in dire need of well-formed, holy priests ministering to the faithful and preaching the truth in a time of great confusion.
St. Michael's Abbey began in 1962 with seven Hungarian refugee priests who fled from the Communist suppression of their abbey in Csorna, Hungary.

It has grown to over fifty priests and nearly forty seminarians in formation. A new monastery was needed to house this thriving community with all its many ministries throughout Southern California.

The Need for His Mission to Continue

Today, St. Michael’s Abbey is one of the largest communities of the world-wide Norbertine Order. The fire which St. Norbert kindled in 1121 still burns brightly 900 years later. God continues to call young men of faith in great numbers to live the lofty priestly ideal of St. Norbert.
It's still the answer 900 years later.
It's still the answer 900 years later.
This apostolic life was St. Augustine’s 4th-century ideal and St. Norbert’s 12th-century contribution to the renewal of the Church. Within thirty years there were two hundred abbeys of his new Order - oases of prayer, sound teaching and holiness - spread across the face of the Christian world. In the face of turmoil, St. Norbert's answer was to bring the people of God new hope through an abundance of holy priests to serve them.

St. Norbert's Mission Started 900 Years Ago

In Response to the turmoil in the Church and as a reform of the clerical life of his day, St. Norbert of Xanten (1080-1134) founded the Norbertine Order on Christmas day in 1121 in the valley of Prémontré, France. He knew that clerical reform could only flow from a monastic life of priests living in community, sharing a common roof, common prayer, and common table. Abbeys and priories of this Christ-centered monastic priesthood would in turn revitalize the whole Church.