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The Abbot's Circle is a passionate group of monthly givers committed to supporting the future of the Church through the various life-changing ministries of the Norbertine Fathers at St. Michael's Abbey. These generous souls are people like you, from more than fourteen countries around the world, giving what they can to pass on a stronger Church to their children and grandchildren. In gratitude for your support, the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael's Abbey created a vast digital library - a place to get Catholic content that will nourish you spiritually.

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On the First Commandment

On the First Commandment

How beautiful a thing it is that God has given us as the first and greatest commandment to love Him with our whole heart, mind and strength. For what could be more natural than to love the source of our being with our whole being; what could be more desirable than to love without limits the Good which is unlimited.

Everyone Loves a Gift

Everyone Loves a Gift

Jesus tells us that we who are the sheep of His flock have been given to Him by His Father: “The Father who has given them to Me is greater than all”; that is, we are the gift which the Father has given to His Son. Jesus states this even more clearly as He prayed at the Last Supper: “Father, they are Your gift to me,” He said.

The Thirsty Soul That Longed For Christ

The Thirsty Soul That Longed For Christ

The thirsty soul that longed for Christ, and finally found Him in the sacraments, must serve Him in loving mercy shown to other sinners. There is a strange satisfaction, prescient of eternal joy, that accompanies works of charity, almost like we’ve touched here and now the infinite joy we’re seeking in heaven.

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The Lives of the Saints

The Lives of the Saints

The saints have attained the goal we strive for, and they are our brothers and sisters in Christ. Fr. Augustine talks about how these living members of the Church Triumphant can help us.

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