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The Eternal Pilgrim | Meet the Author | Part 1

Recently, Fr. Ambrose Criste had the opportunity to sit down with Fr. Dominique-Marie Dauzet at Notre Dame de Sarrance, a Norbertine priory in France. Dauzet wrote Petite Vie de Saint Norbert. Our love for this book motivated its first-ever English translation, which we are so grateful to be sharing with you this month.

What Does an Abbey Do?

What is a monastery? One way to answer this question is to look at the fruits of its work. In this short video, confreres and lay faithful talk about the impact of St. Michael's Abbey in their lives.

The Tabernacle of Moses: The Dedication of the Abbey Church

We celebrate the anniversary of the dedication of the abbey church as a symbol of being ourselves temples of God, together the place where He is worshiped in spirit and in truth. The very architecture of a church tells a mystical story of Christ's love for his church/

Preparing for Christmas with Mary
O Antiphons

Join us for eight days of Marian prayers based on the themes of the eight Norbertine O Antiphons. The O Antiphons are the highlight of vespers during the eight evenings before Christmas, during which they are chanted to the solemn ringing of church bells. These beautiful prayers invoke the most ancient titles of Our Lord, begging Him to hastily come to save us on Christmas day.

December 16 - 23

In preparation for the Feast of St. Norbert, join this virtual pilgrimage with the Norbertines as they read to you the life of their founder. This Abbot's Circle Exclusive (which began on May 6) features a gripping French text translated into English for the very first time.

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