A Timeless Mission

The Abbot's Circle is a first-of-its-kind virtual monastery—an evolving, curated library that offers an inside look at the artistic, cultural, intellectual, and spiritual work that the Norbertines of St. Michael’s Abbey carry out each day for the praise and honor of Jesus Christ.

Four nearly two thousand years, abbeys have served as the foundations of civilization. Time after time, down through history, abbeys have served as centers for scholarship, craftsmanship, music, and art. They have offered a powerful source of spiritual refuge and cultural renewal. And they have stood as faithful centers for holiness, hospitality, and prayer—a place where man can encounter the immeasurable love and indescribable beauty of God.

Though the charism of abbey life is timeless, its work has never been more timely. Ministering to a society starved for truth and desperate for an authentic encounter with beauty, St. Michael's Abbey is beginning the work of rebuilding, restoring, and renewing our culture and our Church.

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