The Great Fast

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Journey into the desert.

Ancient and Evergreen. Captivating and Austere. This is Lent in it's simplest, richest, and most traditional sense.

Since the days of the Old Testament, holy men and women have recognized that fasting is important for great faith. By God's grace, proper fasting can help us accomplish so much: deeper prayer, resolute detachment from sin, and greater inner peace.

For these forty days, the Norbertines invite you to focus on the stark beauty, stunning simplicity, and life-changing power of fasting.

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Follow a holy and ancient path.

In the footsteps of saints and with whole of the universal Church, we can encounter six millennia of spiritual wisdom.

This program—suffused with a communal, monastic approach to Lent—is an effort to guide you into the deep and holy tradition of fasting.

Throughout Lent, you'll receive daily emails with suggested prayers, a "Table Reading," and a short mediation to help encourage you as we endeavor, together, toward greater holiness.

In addition, we will remember all those who join us in our prayers throughout the of season of Lent—and on the joy of Easter Day.

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Holding each other in prayer.

This is a season of grace and hope. Know that during these forty days, the Norbertine Canons Regular of St. Michael's Abbey will remember all who accompany us this Lent in their prayers. Be sure to add your name to this list.