The Priest
The Love of the Heart of Jesus
An Abbot's Circle Exclusive Interview with His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke
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"The priesthood is the sacrament of the pastoral charity of Christ. He wanted to continue to be shepherd of the flock, and He instituted this sacrament so that men could be conformed to His heart…"
– His Eminence Cardinal Burke
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A new video each Friday of June.

Video One
What Is the Sacred Priesthood?
Video Two
Why the Devotion to Our Lord's Sacred Heart?
Video Three
On Contemporary Church Life Topics
Video Four
The Relationship Between the Laity and the Priesthood

Lord, grant us holy priests.

Fr. Ambrose recently sat down with Cardinal Burke to talk about the value of the priesthood in our modern times, the devotion to the Sacred Heart, and the challenges we face as a Church today.

In the Abbot's Circle exclusive, His Eminence addresses the issues that priests face, shares the story of his own path to the priesthood, and offers spiritual advice for young men discerning this important vocation.

Join us for this important conversation during the month devoted to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.