Anthology: Chants & Polyphony

The Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael’s Abbey

Anthology: Chants and Polyphony from St. Michael’s Abbey

About the Album

The eclectic selection on this album is a cross-section of music sung at the Abbey that includes chants from the liturgy as well as motets and music from the Renaissance era. The latter are sung on more solemn occasions like Easter, Pentecost, Christmas, and the other great feasts of the liturgical year.

Singing at St. Michael’s Abbey is nothing new. Learning sacred chant starts in the seminary and becomes part of the Norbertines’ daily life. After all these centuries, the chants are still in use and retain their sacramental quality, their supple vigor, and their ability to dispose the soul for the contemplation of God and his mysteries.

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Gregorian Chant: Together on the Way

Gregorian Chant: Together on the Way

For three grace-filled nights in February of 2011, the choir of St. Michael’s Abbey chanted at Segerstrom Hall to introduce and complement Maestro Carl St. Clair’s conception of Anton Bruckner’s Symphony 9 as performed by the Pacific Symphony Orchestra.

Christmas at St. Michael’s Abbey

Christmas at St. Michael’s Abbey

This recording includes the proper chants of the three Masses of Christmas (Midnight Mass, the Mass at dawn, and the Mass of the day) as sung at St. Michael’s Abbey.


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