An Easter Message from Father Prior

Resurrexit Sicut Dixit! We don't take enough time to be joyful. Joy is not mere happiness, nor is it happiness despite the darkness around us. Joy is, in a sense, a Christian response to darkness.

We have been humbled by the kind feedback and heartfelt stories that we received throughout our Lenten program. Such a holy season is a great occasion for grace, and it has been edifying to see this grace work in so many of your lives.

Of course, this abundant grace works, in part, through you.

Our abbey and the ministries we carry out rely on the generosity of others. We would be very grateful if you feel inspired to support the work we do. By becoming a member of the Abbot's Circle, you can enter into a beautiful and meaningful collaboration as we work, together, to build up the Kingdom of God.

Visit this link to support this life-changing work.

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