The Saint Augustine Novena

About the Novena

We invite you to join us in this novena, reflecting upon the influence of one of the greatest saints in the Western Church, St. Augustine, Bishop and Doctor. During these days, different priests from St. Michael’s Abbey will be sharing their reflections.

St. Augustine was from Northern Africa and was the Catholic bishop of the city of Hippo. His book about his life, called The Confessions, is a Christian classic. It has influenced so many souls because St. Augustine shares his struggles in life – struggles to seek the truth, struggles to be chaste, struggles to be a man of God.

In a time when there is so much violence, confusion, upheaval, and there’s so much difficulty in trying times, let us turn to Jesus Christ through the intercession of St. Augustine and his mother, St. Monica, that we might know the truth, love the truth, and use all of our strength to grow closer to God and to our neighbor.


Prayer to St. Augustine


Litany of St. Augustine

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