The First Chant of the Year

The Church teaches us how to pray through chant. The famous "Ad Te Levavi" chant helps orient us toward heaven during Advent.

The Ad Te Levavi chant begins the holy Season of Advent. It it, in a liturgical sense, the first chant of the year. In this video, Fr. Jacob walks us through the deep musical and spiritual beauty of this important chant.


Ad te [Domine] levavi animam meam, Deus meus, in te confido: non erubescam neque irrideant me inimici mei. Etenim universi qui te expectant non confundentur.

Versus: Vias tuas, Domine, demonstra mihi: et semitas tuas edoce me.


Unto thee, O Lord, will I lift up my soul; my God, I have put my trust in thee: O let me not be confounded, neither let mine enemies triumph over me. For all they that hope in thee shall not be ashamed.

Introit verse: Shew me thy ways, O Lord: and teach me thy paths.

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