The writing & works of

Fr. Ambrose Criste, O.Praem.

Secularism is Anything but Secular: A Conversation with Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

Fr. Ambrose and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty confront the philosophical, social, and spiritual (yes, really!) tenants of secularism.


Abbeys and Organs

In just a few weeks, we will celebrate the arrival, tuning, and voicing of our new organ with our inaugural organ concert played by the great Paul Jacobs, American organist and chair of the Organ Department at the Juilliard School. Join Fr. Ambrose Criste and Fr. Jerome Molokie for a conversation earlier this year about organs and their place in liturgical life.


Feasting with the Whole Church this Hallowtide

For all secular culture's efforts, Halloween remains a holy feast, and a great opportunity to celebrate as only Catholics can … and should!


What's New at the Abbey?

In the shadow of the recent Michaelmas celebration, Fathers Frederick, Ambrose, and Peter Adrian take a moment to reflect on the festivities, a growing community, what they have been witnessing in their day-to-day tasks, and the exciting happenings at the abbey.


Key Five: Wisdom

Wisdom is the knowledge that comes through loving union. We become wise, able to judge spiritual things and the highest things in relation to our life and other people, because of our union with God. The wise person is never overcome with fear.


The Chapel of St. John the Baptist

The art in a church is much like the art in our homes: it tells a unique, personal story and helps us feel an affection for the space around us.


The Power of Feasting!

Catholics love a good party - and for good reason. Regular feasts provide needed foil to our fasting, lift our spirits for spiritual causes, and give us a foretaste of the community, celebration, and joy that is promised to us in heaven.


Key Four: Generosity

Generosity is practicing an open heart and a willingness to make use of our time, talent, and treasure – putting these in the service of others. Our Lord says, "by this they will know that you are my disciples, by the love you have for one another."


Key Three: Beauty

Beauty is compelling. People are drawn to beautiful things. In this new episode of 5 Keys to a True Catholic Life, Fr. Hugh and Fr. Ambrose discuss the importance of beauty in the spaces so dear to us–our homes and places of worship.


Key Two: Hospitality

When we receive guests, we receive Christ! Hospitality is a hallmark of Catholic culture, but its value runs much deeper than that.


Key One: Goodness

We should be taken up each morning by the joy of our practice of the faith, and let that spread to others by our cheerful demeanor, by our kindness, by our refusal to be hypercritical or sullen in our dealings with others.


Finding Refuge in Faith and Family: A Conversation with Fr. Ambrose and Lila Rose

These can be challenging times -- for families, for people dating, and for people discerning their vocations alike. In this wide-ranging conversation, Fr. Ambrose and Lila Rose tackle some of the biggest challenges lay Catholics face today.


The Bodily Assumption of Mary

While not a "singular privilege," the Assumption of Mary is a suitable compliment to Our Lady's great holiness and a glimpse at heaven itself.