The writing & works of

Fr. Ambrose Criste, O.Praem.

The Bodily Assumption of Mary

While not a "singular privilege," the Assumption of Mary is a suitable compliment to Our Lady's great holiness and a glimpse at heaven itself.


The Perpetual Virginity of Mary

The Perpetual Virginity of Mary is difficult for contemporary culture to accept. But there is much to be gained in pondering this miracle.


Mary's Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception--a singular decree of Providence--not only gives us an insight into Mary, but into the nature of sin, grace, salvation, and redemption.


The Divine Maternity of Mary

What does it mean to be the "Mother of God"?


Paschal Vespers at St. Michael's Abbey

One of the hallmarks of Norbertine Easter is Paschal Vespers, a celebration of our Baptism and our new life in Christ.


The Paschal Candle Column

Lent concludes, at last, with the Exsultet--an audacious celebration that is honored in the abbey's Paschal Column.


Journey with Christ Through the Triduum Liturgies

We encounter Christ's Passion in every Mass, but the liturgies of Holy Week make the reality of Christ's Passion so clear to us.


Grace Awakened Eyes

Our Lord destroyed death. He did that in His own death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.


Why Do We Fast?

Fasting can be a challenge. But far more than a set of rules, true fasting is an act of generosity.


Welcome to Ad Cenam Agni

We begin our journey at the Baptismal Font, where we will meet again in forty days . . .


A Wider Place for Love

Sooner or later, whether we are inside the monastery or out in the world, God is going to invite us to make that next step forward in giving our lives to Him.


Finding the Cross

Our Lord puts to each of us individually about the spirit of penance that He wants us to embrace. That is, your cross – the very one that He has custom made for each of us to be our own personal royal road to heaven.


Understanding Divine Revelation

Confused about Divine Revelation? Fathers Sebastian and Ambrose sift through some common misconceptions in this short video.