Selected Works from Our Community

Here at St. Michael’s Abbey, the beautiful literary tradition of monasteries continues in the scholarly work of many of our confreres.

Monasteries have always been epicenters for the creation and preservation of culture. One way that happens is through the scholarly pursuits of the confreres, their preaching, teaching, and writing. Where would Western Christian culture be without the rich textual and literary reflection and output of monks and canons throughout history? Well, here at St. Michael’s Abbey, that beautiful literary tradition continues in the scholarly work of many of our confreres. Here are the places where you can find selected publications that are some of the fruits of our canonical life.

In addition to theological and philosophical books, our canonical publications also include works that focus on Catholic spirituality and devotional life, translations of important texts that have not previously been published in English, and even illustrated children’s books. All of these represent countless hours of quiet study and work that occur in a canon’s private monastic cell or in the abbey library. 

Father Hugh

Father Hugh has a great collection of popular and scholarly books available in print: Find them here.

He also has a selection of articles that have appeared in academic, cultural, and sociological publications and periodicals: Find them here.

Father Sebastian

Fr. Sebastian's writings range from insightful scriptural analysis to clear, pastoral instruction--and plenty in between! You can find a selection of Father Sebastian's writings here.

Father John Henry

Fr. John Henry's writings explore how to cultivate deeper prayer lives and fuller, more authentic personal identities through encounters with the Psalms and the Gospels. He also has a new book on the life and work of St. Josemaría Escrivá. Find it here.

You can also find many of his other books on Amazon.

Father Victor

Those looking to understand the rich history (and living beauty) of Norbertine spirituality might begin with Fr. Victor's translation of a book on the very subject, authored in the 1940s by Fr. François Petit, O.Praem. (Our own Fr. Norbert Wood supplies the forward!) Find it here.

Father Ambrose

The Anticimenon of Anselm of Havelberg is both the outstanding medieval work on ecumenical dialogue with the Orthodox and one of the period's most important explorations of the theology of history. The text, of course, was written by Anselm of Havelberg, a companion to St. Norbert. This translation -- the first into English -- is the work of Carol Neel and Fr. Ambrose. Find it here.

Father Peregrine

Fr. Peregrine's latest work is a children's book: a retelling of the story of St. Philomena with text and (lovely) illustrations by Fr. Peregrine. Or maybe it's a book for Catholics of all ages, told simply and beautifully? In any case, you should give it a look. Find it here.

If you want a "behind the scenes" look at the creation of this book, Fr. Peregrine gave a short reflection for the Abbot's Circle. You can watch the video here.

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