St. Michael’s Abbey is a place for common worship and prayer. All that we do is directed at giving glory and honor to God. Walk with us as we work, daily, to strengthen our devotion and love for Christ, Who first loved us.

The Good Shepherd

The mystery of our Blessed Lord’s passion, death, and resurrection is so central to our faith, such an immovable foundation upon which everything else is based, that He spoke of it not only openly once, twice, and a third time at least, but He also alluded to it in riddles and images, so that by uncovering the truth beneath the veil the hearts of His disciples might be the more confirmed in their conviction that what He had said in plain words was true indeed.

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The Fruit of His Kingdom

He expects us to bear fruit that befits His Kingdom. This fruit depends on how we receive God's will into our lives.


Preparing for a Happy Death

The very structure of the daily prayers in an abbey helps remind the religious of impending death. We have to foresee this moment by preparing well, being vigilant, ready.


Grace Awakened Eyes

Our Lord destroyed death. He did that in His own death on the cross and resurrection from the dead.


St. Joseph Novena

Please join us in praying this novena to the guardian of our Redeemer.


Hail Mary

The practice of Christian contemplation can eventually permeate our every moment, readying us for the life of heaven.


Come Holy Spirit

God, the principal Author of Scripture, knows all times and souls in one eternal moment. The Word of God truly had you in mind when he inspired the ancient prophets to hide his infinite wisdom within human words.

Bless Us, O Lord

Even the Old Testament passages that at first appear to be tedious “filler” become beautiful when we understand them as types of Christ!


God, Come to My Assistance

This spiritual sense is more than just foreshadowing and symbolism; any good writer can do that. But because God is the Author not only of the Bible, but of Nature and of History, he can make the things described to really be signs of other things!


A Reading From...

These are not just edifying stories, but the solid, really historical foundation through which God prepared and worked out our salvation! 


Getting Back Up

God does not bless human sin, but he is more than willing to pick up children who try and fail.


Thy Exceeding Great Mercy

Redemption means more than buying each of us back from a bad life; it means restoration. And what needs to be restored most in every human soul without exception is trust in God.


The Problem with Power

Valuing power and strength is clearly not wrong. But it is spiritually deadly to seek them apart from God.


Breaking the Habit

We want God to deliver us from sin now. Right now! But the wisdom of the psalmist submits all desire for deliverance to God’s time.