An Abbot's Circle Lenten Retreat

Experience Lent at St. Michael's Abbey

One of the things that makes the Church so beautiful is its universality--the extent to which Holy Mother Church unites the faithful in a common life.

This is particularly evident in the Holy Season of Lent, in which Catholics around the world unite their prayers, fasting, and almsgiving to enter more deeply, as one body, into the Paschal Mystery. Because they are places of common life and prayer, abbeys observe the season of Lent with a particular degree of reverence and rigor to prepare for the triumph and joy of Easter.

This Lent, the Norbertine canons of St. Michael's Abbey invite you to join them for Ad Cenam Agni, a virtual Lenten Retreat from the Abbot's Circle. This new, daily series of reflections, sermons, chants, and conversations is intended to help you draw deeper into the beauty of common prayer and Norbertine abbey life.

Let us hold each other in prayer as we journey, together, toward the Supper of the Lamb!

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